6 Things I’ve Done ‘Wrong’ 6 Days Into 2019


I’m not perfect.

And neither are you.

Because, newsflash, perfection is impossible to achieve. The inevitability of failure looms over our heads, yet we are constantly striving to be the best, reach the top. But why? Is it nature? Are we biologically programmed to attempt to be the best, rising above competitors? Doing what society says and desperately wanting to be better. Or is it more superficial? Are we doing what society deems right, and not even giving it a thought?

I guess it’s the nature/nurture debate.

However, the overwhelming amount of pressure put on people-young and old- is kind of ridiculous. Maybe the intent of some of this advice our media offers is wholesome. But our daily life is riddled with the emphasis on doing the ‘right’ thing. So I thought I’d talk about what I’d done wrong.

Sorry mum!

1) Haven’t been on any kind of ‘InTeNsE dIeT’. In other words, I haven’t starved myself to lose the weight I gained over Christmas. Because this ideal that we should make photoshop a reality is vile. Girls as young as 11 are skipping meals to look like the retouched models plastered onto shop windows.

2) Skipped revision. There are many different types of pressure coming from all different directions, but the most prominent in my life is school. Long story short, it’s the bane of my life. Mock exams are coming up, and I definitely should’ve revised yesterday, but I didn’t.

3) Should probably drink more water. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but a message to self-care twitter: WATER DOESN’T SOLVE EVERY ONE OF YOUR PROBLEMS.

4) Haven’t worked out. Kind of related to my first point, but it’s a little bit different in that when I went through counselling one thing they recommended was exercise. And I’ve had the opportunity, believe me, but beds are comfy and sweaty bike seats aren’t. The pressure to go is overwhelming

5) My social media presence is literally 0. I redownloaded Instagram a few days ago, and other than the cryptic post every now and then that made me giggle, I just haven’t really been active. I just don’t want to, it’s overwhelming and really negative for me. But the pressure to post and keep posting is incredibly present, and I guess my friends who are basically unable to contact me would class it as a big wrong.

6) Haven’t made New Years resolutions. The whole ‘New Year, New Me’ trend makes me want to physically throw up. I’m not about to completely reinvent myself because another year has rolled around. And, most of the time, it’s just impossible tasks. You find 3 people in your life that have kept their New Years resolutions, and you have some dedicated friends. I’ve just set goals, or things that challenge me.

So, yep, that’s 6 things I’ve done ‘wrong’. But actually, they are totally right. There’s nothing wrong with doing what’s right for you. I’m focusing on happiness instead of perfection, and finding comfort in the chaos that is life. What are you doing this year?